Beyond the basic: silver grey marl sweatshirt

‘The details are not the details. They make the design.’  So said designer and architect, Charles Eames.  And I couldn’t agree more with the chap.

Having experienced a couple of days where the temperature shifted upwards, today it’s dropped down again, necessitating a switch back to long sleeves and thicker material.  It’s also Sunday, a day where I’ve been at home, gently meandering through my ‘to do’ list of household jobs.  I’m in a cosy, casual kinda mood and reached for a recent purchase to give it a test drive; my silver grey marl sweatshirt I bought on holiday in France a couple of weeks ago.

I know, I know, buying an item more associated with the winter months, in May?  But I’m a savvy Silver Vixen when there’s 30% off due to a special promotion that day!

Every wardrobe should have some trusted basics and I’m all for comfy sweatshirts but basics needn’t mean bland, or lack design.  This sweatshirt is elevated above ‘basic’ due to three small, but important eye-catching details that, as Charles so sagely said, ‘make the design’.

Pray tell me more…

No. 1:  The triangular pattern of the overstitching.  Adds depth and texture, almost an embossed feel.

No. 2:  The silver band on the cuffs and around the hem.  I get excited about these things.

No. 3:  This, this this!  The keyhole, ribbon tie detail at the back.  See, I told you I get excited about the details.  I love the creative mind that decided there should be this design element at the back.  Not least, because with my short hair, I can show it off! 

I’m wearing my silver, miniature Japanese Bonsai Tree necklace.  I’ve not really taken it off at all since buying it on Wednesday, I’ve fallen in love with it so much.  You can read the story here.

I’m topping and tailing my silver greys today.  Just as the overstitching pattern lifts the sweatshirt, the scales have the same effect for the shoes and I couldn’t resist them when I saw them.  The sweatshirt and the slip ons I bought at the same time.  They are from the French brand,
Bonobo.  As they both adjust to being en Angleterre, it made even more
sense to pair them up! 

Mock croc and tortoiseshell effect slip ons are on trend at the moment but it’s been difficult to find them in my size.  I nearly jumped for joy when I picked up one of the shoes from the display, turned it over and saw it was a size 36!  And I think I did actually squeal with happiness when I put them on and they fitted.  I’m cursed blessed with quite narrow feet.

In between my silver greys, are my trusted Eden Jeggings in light blue from Dorothy Perkins Petite.

Bonobo: Silver Sneakers
Sadly, the sweatshirt isn’t on their website anymore.  However, here are a couple of alternatives.
I like the waffle texture of this one from The White Company
Or the skewed side seam detail of this one from Joules

Do you have any staples in your wardrobe that have been lifted out of the ordinary by subtle, unusual features?  If so, what are the design elements that caught your eye?

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