Happy 4th July: Red, White & Blue

Happy Fourth of July!!!


Red Stripe T-shirt & blue shorts

Now I know some of you are thinking er… you’re a Brit, not a Yank.  Scratches head; why have you done a 4th of July post?  And yes, to be honest, I did think, being a Brit, not a Yank, why would I even THINK about doing a 4th of July outfit?  I mean, it’s not as if we celebrate it here.  Has the sun gone to my head?

Well, on my recent blog travels, I came across the Create28 challenge. 
It’s a style challenge running throughout this month, by the lovely, American blogging ladies; WhitneyCarrie and Casey.  The idea is to create 28 summer looks with each day of July based on a different
theme.  You can find out the daily looks here.  I won’t be able to partake every day
but it’s a fun way of seeing what’s hiding in my wardrobe, digging it out and playing around with looks.  And as one of the main reasons for blogging is to start wearing more of my wardrobe, I’m up for any ways that help kick start that. 

Besides, it may have passed you by, but think about our national flags.  By Jiminy Cricket, you’ll realise we share the exact same colours – red, white and blue!  Ok, so we have crosses and triangles in our Union Jack and the Yanks have stars and stripes but what are shapes between friends.

Full length view of red t-shirt and shorts

Plus, one of my four sisters-in-law hails from Minnesota.  I know how big the celebrations are over there and how she misses them when she’s not able to get back home.

After the excitement of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
yesterday (blog post to follow), today was a day of running errands and
pootling about at home.  With the heatwave in the UK continuing it was definitely a
‘t-shirt and shorts’ wearing day.

As today’s style challenge is ‘A
Patriotic Look’, my red and white striped t-shirt with scroll
motif was crying out to be worn and I teamed them with my blue shorts.

Slip on my favourite lapis lazuli bracelets and my white sandals and without much ado, I’ve a summery, easy to wear, errand running, pootling about at home, 4th of July outfit!

I’m examining the pesky weeds and brambles that have the audacity to poke through the slabs of the garden path.  Pesky weeds and brambles.  Or maybe I’m admiring how good the nail varnish on my toes look against the white of my sandals. Or maybe both, because I’m good at multi-tasking!


Over the years I’ve acquired some lovely pieces of jewellery, nothing expensive, just pieces that hold meaning for me.  I’m trying to wear them all more often, rather than save them because, what actually would I be saving them for?

TallBrownFox bought this mother of pearl pendant as a birthday present a few years ago when we were on holiday in Dartmouth, Devon.  On the quayside is the Dartmouth Trading Company, jam packed with all manner of interesting trinkets and that’s where I spied this.

Ignore the redness of my d├ęcolletage; an unfortunate side effect of the intensity of the sun yesterday whilst being en plein air at Hampton Court.

I’m not generally a big fan of denim shorts on me.  I think if it’s hot enough to wear shorts, I want to wear light material not thick.  I bought these recently for our holiday to France as I like that they look denim-ish without actually being denim.

And the fact that they have pockets.  I decree shorts should always have pockets.

And the detail of the hem and the button tabs.

So, it maybe slightly on the cheesy side to have done a wee red, white and blue outfit today but a little cheesy-ness is perfectly acceptable every now and then.

Red and white Striped t-shirt: Debenhams (old)
Denim Look Shorts: Mantaray this season
White Sandals: New Look, still currently on sale

And if we’re going to talk cheese what about these two cute little American roosters?  I saw them when we were on holiday in France this year (hence the euro signs) and couldn’t resist talking a photo.  Knew it would come in handy!

Whether you’re a Yank at home, a Yank abroad (or any other nationality for that matter), hope you’re having a Happy 4th of July.

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  1. July 7, 2015 / 12:45 pm

    I too am good at multitasking. I can walk, half-smile AND click my self timer remote on my camera! GO me!

    I cannot wait to see your post about the Hampton Court flower show. I used to work not far from there in a pub on the other side of the river, just across from the rail tracks called "The New Streets Of London Pub". We often went to Hampton Court on our days off. Ah…memories : )

    I like this whole outfit. Well done! ; P

    I have some shorts like these, but I think I might like yours better. Tradesies?


    • July 7, 2015 / 4:41 pm

      I bow down before your multi tasking skills, Suzanne. My first post about the show is up now (what I wore to it). I aim to do at least 2 more – one about the show gardens, then about the show in general. I took about 200 photos on the day!

      I think that pub has gone now but how cool you used to work at Hampton. It's a small world. And the Palace is fantastic, isn't it?

      Tradesies? Yes, but only on condition it's for your blue suede booties!

  2. July 9, 2015 / 9:47 pm

    This is really cute! I love the length of the shorts and the top is so nice. Plus PREEEEEEEEEEEEEETTY necklace!x

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