Summer Evening Drinks: Hot Pink & White

For a relaxed evening of summer drinks I chose an outfit of hot pink and white.  The perfect evening to take out my new hot pink clutch.  Hot pink is wonderful worn at any time of year but I especially love it for summer when paired with white.  The contrast of the two colours is a striking one.

For an evening out sometimes all you need are simple basics.  Here, a spaghetti strap cami, a pair of jeans and sandals are a great foundation upon which to add your key, highlight pieces to finish off the look. You saw these white jeans last month when I wore them in a very different way in my ‘peaches & cream’ post, showing just how useful white jeans are in a summer wardrobe.

Aztec Clutch, White Jeans, Hot Pink Cami | Petite Silver Vixen

Aztec Clutch, White Jeans, Hot Pink Cami | Petite Silver Vixen

The embroidery on the cami is just enough eye-catching detail that makes the top wearable for both day and night.  The spaghetti straps draw the eye up to the necklace, giving it a frame to float between.  The finishing touch is my statement clutch which stands out against the hot pink and white and I’m good to go!

Aztec Clutch, White Jeans, Hot Pink Cami | Petite Silver Vixen

Aztec Clutch, White Jeans, Hot Pink Cami | Petite Silver Vixen

Aztec Clutch, Necklace, Hot Pink Cami | Petite Silver Vixen

A cascading, multi strand necklace is ideal for a low sitting, scooped neckline.  The beads compliment the delicate embroidery of the cami top and the magpie in me appreciates all the varied colours.  It makes a statement without being a big statement necklace.

Beaded Multi Strand Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

I’ve never really been into clutch bags and until recently I only owned
one.  They’ve often so small you can barely squeeze a dormouse in them.  Not that I do, understand.  They much prefer to curl up inside teapots.  And I prefer to hook a bag in the crook of my elbow, or be hands free
with a cross body bag.  And I’m generally non plussed with regard to tassels. 

Yet, now I own a clutch without a wristlet and with a tassel!  I don’t know, you
start a blog and all of a sudden your satorial preferences spiral off their
axes!  To be fair, the tassel is detachable (always good to have a plan
B) and this one is more than roomy enough for phone, lipstick and a dormouse or two.  Just kidding, just kidding!  I wouldn’t have bought this full price (£20) but it’s currently in
the sale.  £7 is much more budget friendly when buying an item you
wouldn’t naturally gravitate to.  It’s a very simple design in that it
really is a clutch – no chain or wristlet to hold.  However, I did
gravitate towards the striking aztec print and as I love wearing hot pink, there
was method in my madness!

Aztec Clutch Bag & Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

Aztec Clutch Bag | Petite Silver Vixen

Gladiator sandals have moved on in design since I bought these two summers ago.  It’s all laced style now and those Boden Lille Lace-up points I keep seeing everywhere but I’m not going to discard a pair of sandals simply because they’re from a previous season.  They’ve earned their keep and will do so again this year.  Besides, I’m probably even less non-plussed about laces on sandals as I am about tassels, so these suit me just fine.

Pink Gladiator Sandals | Petite Silver Vixen

Aztec Clutch Bag & Pink Gladiator Sandals | Petite Silver Vixen

In the glow of the setting sun, we head off for a glass of Prosecco.

Aztec Clutch, White Jeans, Hot Pink Cami | Petite Silver Vixen

Monsoon Hot Pink Cami (old)
Bhs Petite White Jeggings
New Look Hot Pink Gladiator Sandals (old)
Dorothy Perkins Aztec Clutch
Necklace from a local independent shop

Are you a clutch fan or do you prefer bags with handles or chains?

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    • July 23, 2015 / 10:48 am

      I love prosecco. Whenever I go to restaurants, it's my preferred aperitif!

    • July 23, 2015 / 10:44 am

      Thanks Marta, I'm going to get alot of use from this clutch. I'm glad I took a chance on it.

    • July 23, 2015 / 10:43 am

      Thanks Abigail. I definitely let the hot pink and the clutch do the talking on this outfit! Sometimes that's all an outfit needs.

  1. July 23, 2015 / 7:59 am

    That's what I would call smart casual! Love this outfit: simple and comfy yet pretty. The necklace as well as the bangle is very beautiful. I don't buy clutches for the same reason – their smallness drives me crazy! Yours here is of an acceptable size though, and very pretty!

    • July 23, 2015 / 10:47 am

      Agreed, Olga, I get driven mad by their size too. Why they make them so small is beyond me! I try not to clutter my handbags but even minimal items like purse, lipstick, phone, still need to fit inside! Glad you liked the outfit.

  2. July 23, 2015 / 4:57 pm

    What a perfect casual outfit for relaxing with a drink! I am in love with your necklace and clutch. I also agree with you about clutches; they are wildly impractical. I used to own just one for dressy occasions and then once I started blogging I became addicted to them. Funny how that works!


    • July 24, 2015 / 7:34 pm

      Oh no, don't say I'll become addicted to them! The clutch is pretty cool, isn't it.

    • July 24, 2015 / 7:35 pm

      Thank you Robin. I'm really pleased I bought it in the end. Thanks for stopping by.

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