Pick of the Petites: Christmas Jumpers

 Welcome to my new series – Pick of the Petites – where I showcase the best of the current and available petite ranges.

I’ll be focusing on either a theme, one type of garment or 
building a particular outfit all from the current petite ranges.

Are you a Christmas jumper fan?  Do you love ’em and buy one each year?

Do you loathe them as you think they’re kitsch and hideous and make you want to mutter ‘Bah humbug’ under your breath?

I have to admit I fall more into the former camp BUT with a caveat!  I don’t want to drown in Christmas schmaltz as if I’ve been eating too much brandy soaked Christmas pudding but I do appreciate a wee bit of festive fun!

The first edition of ‘Pick of the Petites’, is all about Christmas jumpers!

December is already flying by at a furious rate and the Christmas Jumper day which the charity, Save the Children run annually will be soon upon us, on 18th December.  If you’re taking part, you’ll need or sort out your jumper soon-ish as – gulp – it’s next Friday!

Let’s ease ourselves in gently with two jumpers from ASOS that could easily be worn both pre and post Christmas, making their shelf life considerably longer than one day!

ASOS Snowflake Jumper £38

If you’re into winter sports, you’ll love this navy, high necked one, with a vintage ski motif on it.  And if you’re planning a ski-ing holiday, then this would be fun to wear après-ski!

ASOS Vintage Ski Motif Jumper £35

Marks & Spencer have two very tasteful, sequinned offerings, each with a single repeated Christmas motif; one of robins, the other, snowmen.  

If like me, you don’t always buy jumpers in petite, because you prefer a longer torso length, then these two are also currently available in normal sizes.

Marks & Spencer Sequin Embellished Robin Jumper £25

Marks & Spencer Sequin Embellished Snowman Jumper £25

Dorothy Perkins Petite have a good range in terms of styles!  Plus, if you’re quick you’ll be able to grab a bargain.  Currently, there’s 25% off when buying online.  Here’s a selection of 4; from the understated, to the full on!

If you prefer only a hint of something festive, then this white number with delicate snowflakes draped around the neckline will be a good choice.  I know I’d never be able to keep it pristine white though!

Dorothy Perkins Snowflake Jumper Currently £18

I do like this grey jumper with the sequin bow.  It’s a little bit of bling but without being over the top and garish.  

A great choice for more casual Christmas do’s such as drinks at the pub or visiting friends.  Simply wear with leather trousers or skirt (either faux or real) for an understated yet stylish look.

Dorothy Perkins Sequin Bow Jumper Currently £19.50

We’re getting more obviously Christmassy now with this pale blue one.   Fun but in a low key way.

Dorothy Perkins ‘Let It Snow’ Jumper Currently £19.50


We finish with one that’s definitely landed face down in a plate of mince pies having had far too much sherry!  This is more your ‘ ‘blow out, one day wonder’!  

Totally OTT and kitsch but come on, it’s a Christmas jumper, whaddya expect???  I do rather like that Rudolph’s nose is red sequins – nice touch!

Dorothy Perkins Ruldolph Jumper Currently £19.50

M&Co did have two jumpers that follow the more traditional Christmas jumper design but the polar bear one is now sold out unless they get in more stock between now and Christmas.

M&Co Snowman Jumper Currently £20.30

Finally, Next Petite, have the biggest range on offer for Petite Knitwear.  Here are two which couldn’t be more at the opposite ends of the spectrum if you tried! 

First up is this Fairisle style knit in coral, with a stag taking centre stage.  Out of all of the jumpers I looked at, this is the one with the longest shelf life, as it’s not coming into the room in full chorus of ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells’.  

Would look equally good with jeans, or teamed with a suede or faux suede skirt and this will take you through the winter months and beyond.

Next Fairisle Pattern Stag Jumper £32

But if you like your kitsch served LARGE and with an extra dollop of cranberry sauce on the side, then go for their polar bear, kitted out in its very own Christmas knitwear.

Ho, ho, ho, a Christmas jumper on a Christmas jumper – geddit?  I’m sure the design team at Next had a good chuckle about that one!

Next Polar Bear Jumper £28

But what if you’re not into Christmas jumpers or don’t want to spend that much on one but would still like to wear something that acknowledges the season?  Next also do this fun graphic tee in Christmas green with a fox on it.  The colour and design is a welcomed alternative to all the silvers, greys, blues and endless polar bears that adorn knitwear this time of year. 

Wear a long line cardigan on top for warmth and then Mr Christmas Fox will still be able to peek out.

Next Christmas Graphic Tee £15

That’s the round up of the my Pick of the Petites Christmas jumpers.  Of course there are more out there if you hunt around, as I only included UK brands.  If you’re not so worried about buying a petite sized one, then there’s tons of choice on e-bay and all the charity shops have their Christmas stock out on display.  No doubt you’ll be able to pick up last year’s offering that’s been cast aside from someone.

I’ve this year’s Christmas jumper ready and waiting in the wings.  Saw it a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist it.  Is it one of the above or from somewhere else?  Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.  

And just because I’m not into waste, I still have my jumper from last year which will get a few outings again this year.  I wore it the final week of my Pilates teaching last year, before we broke up for Christmas, along with my Santa hat and Christmas socks!  Gave all my classes and clients a good chuckle when they saw me walk in all decked out! 

In fact, I’ve already had one client ask if I’ll be wearing my Christmas jumper to class to which I replied…

‘Of course!’

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  1. December 13, 2015 / 3:35 pm

    I like the subtle designs…like the snowflakes & the bow. But for some reason the reindeer & snowman ones make me think too kidlike? Maybe I need to be less serious? jodie

    • December 13, 2015 / 10:33 pm

      I too prefer the more subtle designs as yes, I agree the others can be kid-like but I guess it depends on your taste. If you're going to do it, sometimes you have to dive in!

  2. December 13, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    I am a half fan of the festive knit. One part of me wants to join in, the other is cringing…but I have to admit those are very cute ones from M&S!
    I have noticed that there is a distinct lack of christmas jumpers designed for the fuller bustline. Not a problem I have but, many of my friends would be much more comfortable in a different neckline. Surely there is a market?? Come on jumper makers, do better!
    The dotty P ones are almost (dare I say it) Chic! hahaha.
    A great selection.
    Fake Fabulous

    • December 13, 2015 / 10:35 pm

      I thought the M&S ones had the right balance between being festive yet stylish. I just wonder how long those sequins would last!
      I agree, it's difficult if you have a fuller bustline – but then, that's not just restricted to jumpers. I see it in dresses, tops etc…

  3. December 14, 2015 / 4:59 am

    Cute jumpers! Especially the one with white bears and another with a snowman!

    • December 14, 2015 / 10:26 pm

      There's a good selection this year – other years it's been all the same! Very boring!

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