Welcome to my blog.  I’m
Jacqueline, a London based, young at heart, silver/brunette haired,
spectacle-wearing, beret loving, petite vixen, 
who has just inched her way passed the big 5.0.  

But I’m not letting age define my life or style; ’tis but a number after all.

I say screw the menopause, bring on the Prosecco!

What’s Petite Silver Vixen all about then?

I seek and showcase sassy style from a petite perspective, whilst ignoring all the floor-sweeping sleeves I seem to find.

Am I the only petite with ridiculously short arms???  Um… possibly.

Whether you’re a petite or not, I show you can curate a practical yet playful wardrobe that doesn’t cost the earth.  And if you ARE petite – welcome to my world – I prove you can avoid looking twee, or drowning in clothes simply because you got the short straw (pardon the pun) in the height department!  

And even if you’re not a petite, there’s still much to enjoy on the blog.  

Although there are some amazing petite fashion blogs out there and inspiring 40+ style blogs but there are precious few that combine the two and rarely ones touching on healthy living in your later decades.  My blog aims to have a broader brush stroke than just fashion, petite or otherwise.  As well as style, I write about health, enjoying all the benefits of living near a capital city, travel and celebrating the heck out of being 50+

My own style 

… is eclectic to say the least.  I love colour, textures, prints, shape, pattern mixing and even a little masculine chic.  You might find me one day wearing a floral tea dress, the next, a leather mini with leopard print, ankle boots.  It depends which way the die roll that day.  What I gravitate towards is more dependent on how it feels on me, than how it looks.  I could be wearing the most expensive, haute couture piece but if it doesn’t FEEL right on me, I might as well be wearing a bin liner.  If a
material feels as scratchy as a medieval hairshirt, or is so tight, my diaphragm can’t go about its business, it won’t find its way into my wardrobe.

And that’s why I try to write about how a garment feels to wear, rather than just concentrate on how a garment looks and/or where it came from.  I know that for many women, especially us approaching the menopause years, the feel of cloth against skin can be the deciding factor in what to wear, whilst still feeling stylish, comfortable and sane. 

Where I buy/find my clothes is as varied as the clothes themselves.  I’m as far away from being a clothes snob, as the Artic is in distance from the Antarctic.  I trawl indie boutiques, high street chains, charity shops and second-hand sites in equal measure as I pin and locate clothes to adorn my petite, hourglass body.  Some of my best loved items have been and are, pre-loved.

If you’re looking for capsule wardrobes and minimalist style, you’ll not find it here; even if you possess a forensic microscope.

There’s not much I dislike, style wise except maybe Uggs and Crocs.  Anything that sounds like an animal regurgitating its dinner, is not what I want to be wearing!

But I love pockets.  Especially on dresses.

Dress Pockets | Petite Silver Vixen

Why the name Petite Silver Vixen?

The name came about because I genuinely love silver, especially jewellery and partly to acknowledge that I’m letting my silver streaks begin to co-habitate in harmony alongside my natural colour.  If a silver haired man can be referred to as a ‘silver fox’, then I can be a ‘silver vixen’.  

(Of course, I reserve the right to change my hair colour at anytime!)

Why blogging?

Over two years ago, having finished an 18 month long training course to gain my studio Pilates qualification, where I spent more time wearing lycra and leggings than I ever felt humanly possible, I needed to
metaphorically let my hair down and reconnect with my style.  Finally free of the long hours studying, I started blogging to rediscover the 80% of my wardrobe I was wearing less than 20% of the time, prior to my course. From there, I’ve progressed to revamping my entire wardrobe.  It now truly reflects my current lifestyle and style personality.

I usually blog twice a week; the very occasional thrice when a flurry of inspiration hits me or there’s a lull in my working week. Do stop by on Mondays and Thursdays; you’re likely to find a new blog post waiting for you.

Let’s Connect

You can also say hello and connect with me on social media and the two main channels I inhabit are:

Instagram: @petitevix
I showcase my style, outfits and fashion.
I sprinkle my grid with occasional photos of nature, art and architecture.
No pouty lip photos, no banal inspirational quotes and definitely no shots of gym workouts!  The world has enough already of selfies of bare abs!

Twitter: @petitevix 

I mostly tweet links to my blog posts – well, I’ve got to let folks know.
Fabulous links to fellow bloggers posts that are worth your while reading.
Plus bon mots and things that amuse me.


  1. August 3, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Such a lovely, comprehensive blog. Makes interesting reading. Nice to get to know you. Happy blogging!

  2. December 4, 2015 / 5:45 am

    I love the tag line "rediscovering the 80% of her wardrobe she wore less than 20% of the time". It sounds a lot like me.